TV and Economy changes the Wedding Industry

Recently, television shows and networks have changed the way people conceptualize their weddings.  They have cut back on food costs and quality in order to be able to invite more guests. Many couples opt for themed weddings like pirates, Halloween, “Winter Wonderland”, etc. for their weddings, instead of a more traditional fair of church and banquet hall/country club.  Most weddings of the past took place in the spring and early summer months of May and June, but trends in the industry put the new wedding months at the fall months of September and October.  Besides networks and shows changing the way weddings are done, Martha Stewart Weddings, a magazine put out by Martha Stewart, is also following the Do-It-Yourself trend.  There are businesses in the Cincinnati, Ohio area being affected by this and they are Creative Cake Designs, LLC, owned by Sheryl Eichelberger, who has been in the wedding cake design business for 30 years and Raffel’s Catering, LLC., which has been in business since 1973.  Flower companies are also getting less business from weddings too because brides have found out that silk flowers are a cheaper alternative to the real natural flowers that have been used in the past.   There is hope that current trends in the wedding industry will give way to the traditions of the past, but only time will tell.

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