The Sustainable Garden Chef

Many chefs are turning into farmers as well.  They are growing crops sustainably on rooftops, gardens, and in rooms themselves.  One restaurateur and chef, Homaro Cantu, is pioneering a new farming technique for chefs, aeroponic farming.   Another chef transplanted here from Kenya, Chef Kabui, is also taking his knowledge of farming and environment to his house land and catering business.  The Chef’s Garden is a company that is producing great organic vegetables for chef’s to grow in their gardens for their restaurants.  All these people are helping to evolve the revolution of the “Sustainable Chef/Restaurant.”


Chef Margaret plants lettuce on her balcony in Cincinnati, Ohio, to prepare for a busy summer of private chef parties on Mar. 29, 2012 (photo by: Christina Thompson 2012).


Red Leaf Lettuce in the hands of Chef Margaret being properly planted on Mar. 26, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio (photo by: Christina Thompson 2012).


The tasty lettuce being clipped out of the Cincinnat, Ohio apartment garden by Chef Margaret and being put right into a healthy salad for a party on Mar. 29, 2012 (photo by Christina Thompson 2012).


Chef Margaret adding Parmesan cheese to a salad created from her garden on Mar. 29, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio (photo by: Christina Thompson 2012).


Italian salad being put on a table for a party by Chef Margaret on Mar. 29, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio (photo by: Christina Thompson 2012).

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