Eating sustainable fish


There is a hunger for fish in society and this is causing strain on species population. It has been shown in recent and past media coverage that modern fishing practices have not been concerned with overfishing or the possibility of eradicating fishing grounds locally and across the globe. With profit being the major motivator in business practices, overfishing has been deemed a major threat to fresh and salt water species according to UNEP.  The cod market of Newfoundland Grand Banks, Canada is a blemish to the fishing market, and an example of how a prosperous industry can drive a species to the brink of extinction.

Greenpeace International describes the collapse of the fishing grounds in Newfoundland Grand Banks.  Industrialization and the use of factory trawlers resulted in significant increases in fish processing and led to the near depletion of cod catches in the fishery. Not only did this spell disaster for the stocks, but the nearly 40,000 jobs dependent on the catch. It still uncertain that the fish stock will ever recover.

Looking at the trawl-net cod as an example, conservationists have recently made great efforts to release papers showing people what fish are sustainably caught.  The chart below is just a simple example of what they have released.

Fish Chart
Seafood Watch 2012 helped create this chart.
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