Fame = Excess?

Many people associate fame with excess, but times have changed.  Plenty of celebrities have joined the environmental, organic, and sustainable food and product movement.

Newman’s Own & Newman’s Own Organics

TreeHugger describes Paul Newman as an American actor who has also become a staple in our house with his own food product lines.  On the shelves of most grocery stores, Newman’s Own products make organic accessible. The line follows USDA organic guidelines and all the after-tax proceeds are donated to charities across the globe.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield became celebrities in their own right for their sustainable and tasty ice cream flavors since 1978.  The company’s website  shares information about their companies core values on sustainability such as Fair Trade ingredients, cage-free eggs, sustainable packaging, the non-use of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rGBH), and the use of local dairy farms.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is what people call a celebri-chef.  He has been a staple on the Food Network and recently branched out to American national television creating a show called, Food Revolution, where he brought to our attention the problems of overweight and poorly feed children in America.  Through his show, he also addresses the issue of the lack of fresh, sustainable, organic, and locally grown food in our schools and our stomachs.  His latest venture is a partnership with Britain’s Young’s Seafood Limited launching a new line of frozen seafood items using certified sustainable species.

Dave Matthews

Singer/Songwriter Dave Matthews has launched his own line of wine called, The Dreaming Tree.  The wines are made using organically grown grapes from sustainable farms across central California.  The oak barrels used are made from sustainably grown oak trees from forests that are constantly being replanted.  The bottles are forged using non-polluting natural gas and the labels are printed on recycled paper with non-toxic ink.

These celebrities are showing the rest of us how to live sustainably and buy local, organically grown foods.  I hope we follow their example to give us a better life and a more promising future.

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