Yogi Chef changes career path yet again

chef and cat

This is a self-portrait that Chef Margaret took of her and her cat a few months ago at her home in Cincinnati, Ohio before she left for Arizona (Photo Courtesy of Chef Margaret Thompson 2012).

A couple of months ago, an article was written about Executive Chef Margaret Thompson and her illustrious career as a Yogi Chef.  She has since packed up her cat, Annabell Lee and moved from her home in Cincinnati, Ohio to Scottsdale, Arizona to pursue a career as a Floral Manager for Fry’sgrocery stores.  “Of all the jobs I ever had, flowers and Floral Design is what I love to do the most,” said Chef Margaret Thompson.

orchid arrangement

This is an arrangement that was made by Chef Margaret using orchids bought at Hausermann's Orchid Open House in Elmhurst, Illinois (Photo by Christina Thompson 2011).

sugar flowers

Even at the French Culinary Institute in New York City, New York, Chef Margaret still had her heart filled with flowers when she created this pulled-sugar show piece (Photo Courtesy of Chef Margaret Thompson 2006.)

flower lady painting

Chef Margaret's painting entitled "Rock Pose" from her gallery opening in Louisville, Kentucky in February of 2009 (Photo by Christina Thompson 2009).

Before she went back to school for her degree in Pastry Arts, she was the Outside Lawn and Garden Manager for Lowe’s Home Improvementstores.  Flowers have always been on this woman’s mind.  “When she was in her high school art class, she created a stain-glass window of poppies we have hanging in our dining room window,” said her father, Raymond DeBiase.  This is not the only artistic creation that she has done with flowers.  Chef Margaret said, “I had a gallery opening for my paintings a few years ago and plenty of my paintings from the heart have flowers in them.  I guess my heart has always known what makes it happy…flowers.”

homemade ice cream

Ice cream and sorbet made by Chef Margaret for her family in Arizona to try for the first time (Photo by Christina Thompson 2012).

Chef Margaret is not giving up on her culinary degrees entirely.  She will cook and bake for her entire family, who live in Arizona along with her.  “I still want to use my degrees in Culinary and Pastry Arts.  Arizona is a prime place to be an instructor at one of many cooking schools,” said Chef Margaret.  “Food and flowers are the two things I love and they seem to be the things that always make people happy.”




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