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Christina Thompson is a published poet, writer, copywriter, photographer, and New Media Food Journalist.  She loves to find out about people, places, events, personal stories, and things through friendly conversations and interviews, which have allowed her to become an exceptional storyteller.  Christina earned a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from Northern Kentucky University and a Certificate in Interactive Web Multimedia from the University of Cincinnati: Raymond Walters College.  She will be graduating from Full Sail University in December with Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism.

Her love of writing started at a very young age.  She enjoys writing poetry and short stories.  As she got older, her passion for storytelling grew into her love of photography.  Her love of photography and storytelling took her on a path to become a journalist.  She wrote, took pictures for, and designed pages in her high school yearbook.  It was there she realized she was also a good layout designer and copywriter.  Her journey through education and career choices has given her the experience to create her website, Christina M. Thompson’s Food World.  This site is a unique look into Ms. Thompson’s culinary and food life and interests.

Not only does Christina enjoy producing weekly articles for her website, but she has also created two other blogs.  Food Adventures with My Chef Mom is about culinary adventures she goes on with her classically trained chef mother.  The other blog is Tiny T’s Book Review, where she reviews different books.  Writing is her passion and she hopes one day to advance her career into copywriting or being a journalist for a magazine.

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E-mail Christina:  christinamthompson15@gmail.com

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